Andre Gunther - Professional Photographer

Andre Gunther is an example of a photographer taking full advantage of the new tools available to Digital Photographers. He creates many fascinating tutorials that other photographers can easily learn from and gives masterful examples so that people might see the potential of his methods.

The photo on this page is a result of Andre’s lesson on predicting the moon for better photos. The more difficult route for a digital photographer would be to Photoshop the Photographs so that it appeared as though the moon was where you wanted it to be.

The technique of Photoshopping the images would not have created such a natural Photograph. Check out the link to see how Andre used GPS, Google, and Heavenly Opportunity(software) to predict the position of heavenly bodies in relation to his position.

In order to become a professional Digital Photographer and especially to become a Famous Digital Photographer These are the kind of tools that one must familiarize themselves with.

Photography Course will keep bringing you stories of the new digital technologies and lessons we can learn from famous photographers like Andre Gunther.


  1. Mr. Gunther,

    This picture is beautiful. I want to learn about night photography and indoor photography. My pictures come out blurry not as clear as outdoor photography. Do you have any tips?

    Rita Watson

  2. This picture is very very beautiful. I want to learn about photography and indoor photography. My pictures come out blurry not as clear as outdoor photography. Do you have any tips? & are you please teach me photography please please please !!!!!!!

  3. You probably just don’t have enough light when you’re taking photos indoors. Try more lighting- open windows, doors, use a flash, use more lights and you’ll have more success.

  4. I love photography. I have Canon 7D and a 100-400L lens, among other things, that I can use to photograph people from a distance without them knowing. But I always feel hesitant to take pictures of others without their consent. Isn’t that intruding their privacy? Do you think it is ok to walk around in a town or city and photograph strangers without them knowing? Thanks.

  5. If you ever want to make money on the photographs you had better get their signed permission. If you’re just taking the pictures for sport or practice that’s a separate discussion. Taking pictures of someone without them knowing is fine I think as long as they are pictures where you can go up to them afterwords and ask if it’s alright. It’s just more natural to take pictures of people when they’re not expecting it, but I don’t think you should do anything without their permission, if you don’t get it- delete the pictures.

  6. Hi,

    I have a Nikon Coolpix P90, 12.1 Megrapixels, wide 24 x Zoom, 3 vari-angle mnitor, ISO 6400 and vibration reduction.

    I have taken some pictures through the window at the feeder, and some are pretty good with the humming bird sitting down, but in mid-air the wings are a blur. I’m taking pictures to oil paint. I want to get clear shots of roses and flowers, so I need details. What do I need to do?

  7. Most photographers embrace the blur by slowing down the shutter speed and using a tripod. The hummingbird flaps it’s wings about 50 times per second so if you used a shutter speed of 1/60 you would capture one full moment of the wings. 1/16 of a second is typically fast enough of a shutter speed where you won’t get camera shake because it’s pretty fast. So if wings can move the full cycle in just 1/60 of a second making the wings look still will take a fast shutter, or a quick, fast burst of light using a flash. Since the shutter speed’s don’t come in 1/20,000 of second, using a flash with that speed is a more popular choice for freezing the movement of a hummingbird. The trick when using a flash it to take the picture out of direct sunlight and to hope to capture the wings at the point where the wings are changing direction. If you’re using this method the only thing with much light is what’s illuminated by the flash for 1/20,000 of a second so the shutter speed can be somewhere around 1/200 second but it will effectively be 1/20,000 because that’s the time of the light burst.

  8. If you want to do night/low light photograpy you need a camera where you can change the shutter speed, a tripod and a remote control for the camera. Mount the camera onto the tripod, set the shutter speed from anything to 1 second to 30 mins…… my best suggestion is that you start off with a setting of a few seconds, see how the pictures are looking, if they are under exposed, increase the length of time the shutter is open. If you have a ‘bulb’ setting, this will alow you to have the shutter open for as long as you wish…. if you were doing night star trails, this might be for hours! The tripod is a must as no matter how steady you think you can hold the camera, anything over 1 second and you will get shake and therefore a blurred image. I suggest the remote as even the pressing of the button to fire the shutter can cause the camera to shake and blurr your shot.

    Hope this helps!

    Get back if you need more advice.


  9. I only have a Vivitar Digital Camera for now. I know that it isnt one of the expensive cameras. But I love photography. I want to learn everything that I can and welcome as much advice as possible. Will I be able to do photography with my Vivitar Camera or do I need to get a new one?

  10. I can’t achieve such quality w/ point and shoot digital camera right? I wanted to get the best possible quality using a simple digital camera. I can’t seem to find adjustments. It’s limited and mostly in auto set up. Help!

  11. I think this picture wasn’t only taken with a high end SLR camera, but was also enhanced with HDR processing. As far as making your Auto Camera work, if you pass along what camera you have we can give you some tips for low light photography.

  12. This is a great site thank you so much, However i think I’ve almost got up to the point were i would love to take a full course on Photoshop or whatever you use as a pro, What would you sugest or who infact

  13. Love this site! LOVE the picture in this article too. One of my favorite spots in the world, but have never visited. Just get to enjoy thanks to wonderful photo bugs like this!

  14. Guys you should have a look at Proud Photography. The have awesome courses for beginners and advanced photographers. Yes, HDR too!


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