Beginner Photography Courses

Owl - Cotswold Wildlife Park by Airwolfhound

Depth of Field (How, What, & When)

As a beginner photographer you may have been introduced to the term depth of field. This is one of those terms that you are likely going to hear quite a lot and will...

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Intermediate Photography Courses

tips for better landscape photography yosemite

Tips for Better Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the toughest genre’s of all types of photography. Once the moment is passed it can’t be faked and re-created unlike portrait...

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Advanced Photography Courses

Tressa - Kakaako Photoshoot

Understanding Flash Shutter Speed Sync | Tips & Tricks

Ask a pro photographer and he would always insist that you don’t use the on-camera flash. He would give you a number of reasons for not doing that to convince you to...

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Photo Editing

Irfan View Photo Editor

Top 5 Photo Editing Tools (Absolutely Free)

These days, even the most basic digital cameras can produce great photos – ones you feel happy instantly sharing. Yet once in while you might also need to tweak...

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